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NorthStar Therapy educates and supports individuals and their families as they navigate challenges such as ADHD, stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, and more. By using effective, tailormade strategies, we empower our clients to succeed!




Hello! I am Mariah Warden, a clinical social worker and owner of NorthStar Therapy! My vision is to promote healing through education while uncovering clients' authentic true selves in the process. In my line of work, I promote and cultivate a culture where people can learn they have value, overcome challenges, and excel in life. I am passionate about bringing awareness of how mental health impacts our lives and teach people to develop specific skills to tackle challenges. With over 13 years of clinical experience, it's my mission to see you win.

Therapy Coaching and Consulting  Services

NorthStar Therapy provides therapy, ADHD and executive functions coaching, and consulting services to individuals and couples who need support. We have insurance and out-of-pocket payment options.



Whether it’s ADHD, anxiety, trauma, and/or depression that is/are holding you back from the life of your dreams, we can help you align with your true self. Book a free call today to learn how we can help!



Let us help your family thrive by nurturing change, cultivating a healthy and loving connection, and creating balance. Book a free call today to learn how we can help!



Are you and your partner in need of support? Let us help you break down the

walls stopping your relationship from




ADHD coaching is an interactive and collaborative process that gives you the tools to excel in life, school, and your career.

Book a free call today to learn more!



A licensed therapist and certified coach can guide your organization, family, and/or school leaders. Creating a culture that nurtures every individual is essential.

Featured Service ADHD Coaching

At NorthStar Therapy, we understand that individuals with ADHD have unique experiences and challenges. With the right support and accountability, you can thrive. 

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How We Help!

At NorthStar Therapy, we offer tailormade strategies focused on educating and supporting our clients by helping them develop skills to manage challenges and struggles related to their unique life situation. We empower you to set higher goals and develop an effective action plan so you can achieve them.

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“It was such a great experience to have Mariah as my coach. She gave me guidance in areas that I had difficulty seeing and gave me concrete ways to achieve my goals. She was warm but also able to give me that gentle nudge that I needed to help me reach my goals.”

If you or your loved one have been diagnosed with any mental health disorder, don’t lose hope. Modern therapy and treatments can help you manage the symptoms and lead a satisfying life. At NorthStar Therapy, we offer specialized care when it comes to managing your unique challenges.



“With Mariah’s help, I was able to learn and develop the life skills necessary to deal with my Adult ADHD. I no longer feel depressed and like a broken person. I now have the ability to recognize my shortcomings and deal with them effectively. I have improved my relationships at home and at work, my focus has never been better.”


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